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To know how to get to APRICA, write in the box its point of departure.
Routes to reach APRICA may be different depending on the seasons, and climatic gradients (that GPS does not know).
Before leaving, check with the responsible route to its destination Aprica.

With Car: From south to go all backgrounds APRICA are basically two: Milan or Verona.
167 Km. MILAN - Lecco - Sondrio - APRICA
180 km. VERONA - Brescia - Edolo - APRICA

From North to go all the provenances' APRICA are basically two: Zurich and Monaco.
275 km. ZURICH - Julier - Bernina Pass - Tirano - APRICA
342 km. MONACO - Garmisch - Bernina Pass - Tirano - APRICA

With car-pooling can offer her a ride to Aprica,
or search for a passage to Aprica.
Here you can also find a useful community of friends around APRICA with whom to share trips and activities.

With Train: The station of APRICA is to Tirano, 16 km. Where is located also the bus station.
A second station is located at Edolo, 15 km., On the opposite side of the valley, where comes the train coming from Brescia.
In Italy, the train leaves from Milan, which is 161 km. away from Tirano, where the bus for Aprica.
The train from Brescia along instead 98 km. Edolo flights to, from where buses depart for Aprica.
In Switzerland, the Red Train that leads to APRICA (Tirano station to 16 km.) Began its journey to the station of Landquart, which is 155 km.
With Airplane: SOUTH major international airports to go to APRICA are Milan: the airport of Bergamo Orio al Serio airport is 113 km., Malpensa airport 200 km.
To the north the main international airports for APRICA are from the Zurich (300 km.) And MONACO (433 km.).
From the airports you can reach APRICA by Train, Bus, Taxi, Rental Car, etc..
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