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Aprica (mt. 1172)
Among the Valtellina and Valcamonica there is an interval: Aprica, a historic resort that over time has been able to keep pace with the times.
Modern tourist infrastructure, 50 kilometers of Alpine ski slopes that reach down into the village and within walking distance, in the picturesque setting of the Natural Reserve of Pian Gembro, cross-country skiing lovers can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of peace and quiet practicing their sport.
Aprica means a vacation for the whole family, walking the banner of pure air and the chance to get close to nature thanks to Eco-Animal Center, where live many animal species typical of the Alpine, including a bear.
A golf course in proportion to delight even the spectacular view it offers, the proximity to places of honor as Trivigno allowing walkers a unique experience.
Aprica is essentially a resort dedicated to the sport, but its glorious past, especially as an Alpine pass, makes it interesting due to traces religious you can still admire the magnificent baroque portal of 1778 invited to enter the church of Santa Maria Assumption of 1589 (as amended in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries), while the parish of St. Peter, who legend has it been intended by Charlemagne, still remembers the passage of travelers was next to one Xenodochio, located at a crossing point very important in the past.